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Dual Metered Power Distribution System


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Art PS4x4

Dual Metered Power Distribution System

The PS 4×4 features a backlit linear meter to monitor input voltage, which gives the user a familiar analog style readout when monitoring voltage from a power source. The PS 4×4 has a backlit linear Ammeter showing Load Current in amperes. This additional meter gives an analog “real-world” look at how much power you are using …hence the term “power station”. While the associated voltmeter stays relatively stable and varies slightly with line voltage and house wiring, the ammeter varies much more, as power is consumed. For example, if the unit is in a rack with digital equipment and preamps, it may not vary a lot (even if you had 8 200 watt network computers hooked up, it would show if all are up and running). However, if it is in a rack with one or more power amps, the meter’s indicator may be bouncing all around – and providing a great indication of output.

The PS 4×4 also features ART’s “4×4″ distribution on the back of the unit — four of the eight rear outputs are 1.25 inches apart. This allows the user to plug in wide power cables and multiple wall wart devices, and still have eight total power outlets to choose from.

Built into the PS 4×4 is a surge and spike protection system, designed to protect powered equipment from harmful electric surges and spikes. The unit also has RFI and EMI filtering, a 15 amp breaker, and a total power capacity of 1800 watts. The PS 4×4 also features a front-located on/off power switch (which lights up when turned on), and a front-mounted circuit breaker reset switch. The rugged, all-steel chassis occupies 1U rack spaces and is intended for installation into standard 19” equipment racks.

Applications for the PS 4×4 include: Live Sound Systems/PA, Permanent or Fixed Installations, Church, Club and Practice PA Systems, DJ Sound Systems, Home and Project Recording Systems, and Monitor Systems.

The PS 4×4 features a one-year warranty.


All 4X4 Models (Power Base, Smart Power and Power Station) Feature:

  • Front-Mounted Circuit Breaker Reset Switch
  • Surge & Spike Protection
  • EMI & RFI Filtering
  • Unique “4X” Distribution on the Back

Four of the Eight Rear Switched Outputs are wider for Wall Wart Devices

  • Total Power Capacity of 1800 watts
  • Rugged All-Steel Chassis Occupies 1u Rack Space

Smart Power (SP) adds:

  • 2 Front Shock-Mounted Light Posts
  • Backlit Linear Meter to Monitor Input Voltage
  • Separate On/Off Light Switch
  • Adjustable Dimmer Dial

Power Station (PS) has all SP features, and adds:

  • Backlit Ammeter to Monitor Load Current


Ammeter Metering    Current, Linear Metered

Circuit Breaker         15 Amp; Front Location

Construction  All-Steel Chassis

Filtering          EMI & RFI

Light Pipes           2 Front Pull-Out, Shock Mounted

Power Capacity         1800 Watts

Power Outlets            Eight Rear Outlets

Power Switch         Front Location – On/Off

Power Switch Illumination        Yes – In “On” Position

Protection Circuit              Surge & Spike Protection

Voltage Metering             Input Voltage, Linear Metered

Dimensions          1U Rack Mountable


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