Yorkville NX600-2 Passive Loudspeaker

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The NX600 is the first 15-inch and horn molded loudspeaker from Yorkville Sound.

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Yorkville NX600 Passive Loudspeaker

The NX600 is the first 15-inch and horn molded loudspeaker from Yorkville Sound. This 1000-watt passive box is using a new injection molded technology and features a first for composite loudspeakers, a rotatable 80º x 50º horn patterned after the custom ABS waveguide horn used in our popular élite loudspeaker line. The unique trapezoidal shape employed on the NX600 allows the cabinet to be used as a monitor or front-of-house loudspeaker and makes it ideal for mounting in tight arrays, or in multiple cabinet clusters. The NX600 handles 2000 watt peaks with its high affiance 15-inch woofer and 1.5-inch polyester high frequency driver. The NX600 uses the same proven PTC™ (Positive Temperature Coefficient) protection on the high frequency compression driver. PTC™ is an ingenious current sensing / self-resetting breaker that offers some serious advantages over current protection schemes used in many loudspeaker cabinets. This protection scheme, while always present in the signal path, remains inaudible until it becomes necessary for it to react. It kicks in at a point where it effectively reduces output to the horn and protects that diaphragm from damage due to excessive power input or signal distortion. Unlike a breaker it does not require a physical reset to allow signal back to the horn driver, and unlike a bulb or fuse, does not need to be replaced if the circuit is tripped, and the fuse is blown. Where PTC™ shines is in heavy feedback environments where most horn diaphragm damage occurs. In rare situations even where a microphone might be dropped in a monitor, the sustained ‘squeal’ can destroy diaphragms in seconds. PTC™ will significantly reduce output level to the horn to protect the diaphragm. When the situation has been rectified, and the feedback eliminated the horn will return to full operating level within half a second.


2000 Watt Full Range Loudspeaker (1000 Watts Program)

Ultra-light injection molded Polypropylene construction

Dual purpose full range and wedge monitor format enclosure

Ultra-clear reproduction throughout bandwidth

Max SPL 122dB Peak (125dB Continuous)

Ultra-high efficiency performance requires less power for more output

High quality 1.5-inch High Frequency drivers (1-inch throat)

Next generation woofer / driver / horn technology

Rotatable 80º x 50º horn

Integrated flying hardware (3/8″ threaded holes)

Tough, full length metal grille

Recessed Input panels

PTC™ HF protection system

Made in Canada


System Type    2-Way

Active or Passive         Passive

Program Power (Watts)            1000 Watts (2000 Watts Peak)

Bi-ampable      No

Nominal Impedance (Ohms)      8

Sensitivity (dB @1Watt/1m)      98

Max SPL (dB)         131dB Peak (128dB Continuous)

Frequency Response (Hz +/- 3db)       60 – 26k

Crossover Frequency (Hz)       1300

Driver Configuration      15-inch / 1.5-inch

HF Driver(s)        1.5-inch Polyester voicecoil (1-inch Throat)

HF Dispersion (°H x °V)          80 x 50 Rotatable

HF Protection        PTC™

LF Driver(s)         15-inch w/ 3-inch voice coil

LF Impedance (Ohms)         8

Inputs –         1/4″ Jacks           2

Inputs –         Speakon 4-pin 2

Feet      Yes

Flying Hardware          1/4-20 x 5 – 2 (Top), 2 (Bottom), 1 (Pullback)

Optional Flying Hardware        NX Flyware / Eyebolts

Bar Handles     1 (Side)

Pole Mount Adapter (1 3/8″-3.5cm)     Yes

Enclosure Materials     Injection molded Polypropylene

Grille      Perforated Metal

Other Details       Side recesses for ease of lifting

Dimensions (DWH xbackW, inches)   15 x 22 x 32 x 9.5

Dimensions (DWH xbackW, cm)        38 x 56 x 84 x 24

Weight (lbs/kg)                     48.5 / 22

*Specifications subject to change without notice


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